Point 01

“Mini-Study Abroad”
in your favorite place—Hawaii!!

You’ve thought about putting your child in a local school, but when you get to the beach you always end up just letting your kids play in the sand. Give them something more! American Kids , an American-style school based in Japan that specializes in helping you raise bilingual kids is opening a club in June! This Hawaii branch will give your children a better experience than what they get from the local schools. This year , let your kids have more than just a learning experience , let them try a Mini-Study Abroad with American Kids!

Point 02

Real - live English , hands-on!

How many chances do you get to really immerse your child in English while in Japan? In Hawaii , it is more than just a dream. We know that the first step to conversation and communication is not grammar. This is your chance to spend time among local children and families and get hands-on experience speaking real English. There’s no need to be shy or worry about making mistakes. All you need to begin is a simple, “Hello” and “Thank you”.

Point 03

A complete program that satisfies the whole family

Nothing but English is used the club. We join local kids in trips to the library , story time , making Hawaiian Leis and much more! For those who really want to increase their English to new levels , we recommend the Main Program a little more serious version of the sun sprinkled with study-time and , of course , lots if English. If you’re looking for a way to really enjoy Hawaii , while practicing your English a little more casually , join Keiki Club! Which ever you choose , an unforgettable experience.

We prides itself on using English as the meaning of communication.

Honolulu American Kids Club prides itself on using English as the meaning of communication. The most important thing to us is that our members reach a level of English that allows them to communicate their feelings and experiences in English. It's not necessary to use difficult words. If you feel like thanking someone, put a smile on your face and simply say“Thank You !!”Your whole world can grow from a word as simple as that. With our program, you get a cross-cultural experience in the friendly Hawaiian atmosphere that you will never forget. Let H.A.C. be part of your family's first step towards a new world of experience.